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About Alyssa

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"- Pablo Picasso

I've been a maker (< Click for studio tour) all my life.  Many materials have caught my attention, being experimental and finding  unexpected uses for them is one of the many joys I find in the creative process.  For me, painting is a treasure hunt of my own creation.  When creating, as with my recent American Tribal series, I generally have a theme in mind for a series of paintings. I begin by building numerous layers of paint, opening apertures, screening distractions and searching for symbiotic relationships pertaining to my theme. What is revealed are gems of discovery.

My time outside the studio is spent teaching and consulting.  I feel passionate about the need for art education and the role creative thinking plays in facilitating a growth mindset, adaptability, resiliency and critical thinking.  I enjoy working with children and adults in small groups and privately.

For over thirty years,  I have provided interior design services.(< Click for brochure) Alyssa Levitan Design is a full service interior design company dedicated to personalized creative interiors.  I work to cultivate my client’s personalized style, lifting influences from both classical and contemporary genres to create spaces that reflect the personalities of the people who occupy them. Reach out if you have a project that needs another set of eyes.

While my interests may seem fragmented, I see synergy.  I am lucky to feel fluent in a visual language that  adapts to many applications.

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